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Other Properties of Adi-pure

Physical and Chemical Properties
The Tables show the typical physical and chemical properties of INVISTA Adi-pure

Typical Physical Properties of Adi-pure
Property Typical Value
Molecular Weight 146.14
Boiling Point (760 mm) 337.5C (639.5F) with
Melting Point 151.5153.0C
Liquid at 163C (325.4F)

1.360 g/cc
1.093 g/cc
Bulk Density

640720 kg/m3 (4045 lb/ft3)
Packed 800930 kg/m3 (5058 lb/ft3)
Hygroscopicity Nonhygroscopic at 27C
(80.6F) and 85% RH
Crystal Form Monoclinic needles
Solution Properties
Property Typical Value
Solubility see Figure below the Table
pH of Aqueous
Solutions at
25C (77F)
Concentration pH
0.1% 3.2
0.2% 3.1
0.4% 3.0
0.6% 2.9
1.2% 2.8
2.5% 2.7
Density of Saturated
Aqueous Solutions
Temperature Density
20C (68F)1.0045 g/cc
40C (104F)1.0050 g/cc
60C (140F)1.0125 g/cc
Ionization Constant
( K) in Water at 25C
Step 1 3.71 x 105 (p K1 = 4.43)
Step 23.87 x 106 (p K2 = 5.41)
Adipic Acid Solubility
Thermal Properties
Property Typical Value
Specific Heat

1.59 kJ/kgK (0.38 cal/gC)
2.26 kJ/kgK (0.54 cal/gC)
Heat of Formation 6503 kJ/kg (1625.8 cal/g)
Heat of Fusion 238.5 kJ/kg (57.0 cal/g)
Heat of Vaporization 560.3 kJ/kg (133.9 cal/g)
Heat of Sublimation at
25C (77F)

881.8 kJ/kg (210.8 cal/g)
Heat of Combustion 19,149 kJ/kg (4576.8 cal/g)
Heat of Solution, Water
1020C (5068F)
90100C (194212F)

213.6 kJ/kg (51.1 cal/g)
240.5 kJ/kg (57.5 cal/g)
Heat of Crystallization
from Water

265.3 kJ/kg (63.4 cal/g)
Other Typical Physical Properties
Property Typical Value
Flash Point, Cleveland
Open Cup

210C (410F)
Flash Point, Tag
Closed Cup

196C (385F)
Vapor Pressure, Molten
       Temperature     Vapor Pressure
       159.5C (319.1F)     0.13 kPa (1 mmHg)
       205.5C (401.9F)     1.33 kPa (10 mmHg)
       240.5C (464.9F)     5.33 kPa (40 mmHg)
       265.0C (509.0F)     13.33 kPa (100 mmHg)
       312.5C (594.5F)     53.32 kPa (400 mmHg)
       337.5C (639.5F)     101.31 kPa (760 mmHg)
       (with decomposition)      
Viscosity, Molten
       Temperature     Viscosity
       160C (320F)     4.54 cP
       193C (379.4F)     2.64 cP
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