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Polyuethanes (PUs) are one of the most versatile plastics available today, offering a wide range of properties suitable for many end-uses. This is due to the fact that they are segmented polymers which combine the physical properties of the hard and soft segments. PUs are available in several forms, each with different potential applications.

The majority of PUs are produced from the reaction of either a polyester or polyether polyol with a diisocyanate and chain extender to give a variety of physical and chemical properties. Polyester polyol based PUs are derived from dicarboxylic acids, mostly adipic acid, and generally have the following advantages over polyether polyol based PUs

Greater oil and solvent resistance
Greater oxygen and UV resistance
Improved abrasion resistance
Increased high temperature performance
Improved tear resistance
Higher tensile strength

Typical applications are outlined in the charts below:

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