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The Sequestrant of Choice

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Sequestrants are employed in a diverse range of products and processes – from household products to industrial applications.

To sequester means to „withdraw from use“ and in particular sequestrants are used to sequester metal ions such as iron, copper, nickel, cobalt, chromium, calcium and manganese.

Sequestrants act by forming strongly associated but soluble complexes with metal ions thereby preventing them from precipitating out or becoming involved in other reactions. These metal ions find their way into products as a result of, for example, hardness in water, directly from the soil or as a contaminant in raw materials.

Sequestrant capability
more information is available for our registered members

A measure of the tendency towards formation of metal complexes in aqueous solution is the stability constant, K.

Metal Ion    Stability
   Constant, K
Ca2+ 2.19
Cd2+ 2.1
Cu2+ 2.3
Ni2+ 1.6
Pb2+ 2.8
Zn2+ 1.8
Table 1. Log of Stability constants with adipic acid at 25ºC.

Table 1 demonstrates that Adi-pure® is able to form stable metal complexes with many different metal ions.

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