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Nylon, a class of aliphatic polyamides, is the single largest commercial application for Adi-pure® high purity adipic acid. Nylon 66 (N66), or polyhexamethyleneadipamide, and Nylon 6 (N6), or polycaprolactam, are the most economically important nylons. Both can be converted to fibers, used for carpets, apparel, tire cord, and industrial applications, or to engineering resins, used for automotive parts, electrical and electronic applications, machine parts, films, wire coatings, and monofilament. Fibers are produced as continuous filament yarn and as staple; resins are produced for use in injection molding or extrusion. Engineering resins can also be glass reinforced, mineral filled, or otherwise modified to improve performance.

The differences between N66 and N6 are often subtle, but, in general, N66 has higher tensile strength, greater hardness, higher heat deflection temperature, and a lower rate of water absorption. In fiber applications, nylon properties of value are low moisture absorption and abrasion resistance, and its overall properties are dependent on spinning speed, draw ratio, and the types of additives or finishes used. For engineering resins, nylon is particularly valuable because of its low coefficient of friction, excellent abrasion resistance, good chemical resistance, and high impact strength.

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