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Chemical Intermediate

Adiponitrile Synthesis
Adiponitrile, the key intermediate for the manufacture of 1,6-hexanediamine, can be produced by catalytic dehydration of the ammonium salt of adipic acid at approximately 350C(662F). Yields of adiponitrile typically exceed 90%.
Cyclopentanone Synthesis
Cyclopentanone, an intermediate useful in the synthesis of flavour and fragrance chemicals, glutaric acid, and biologically active compounds, is readily produced by the calcium- or barium-catalysed decarboxylation/dehydration of adipic acid at temperatures greater than 230C(446F).
1,6-Hexanediol Synthesis
Hydrogenation of dimethyl adipate over a promoted copper chromite catalyst at 200C(392F) and 100 kPa (750 mmHg) produces 1,6-hexanediol, a valuable chemical intermediate used in polyester polyol, urethane, and alkyd resin manufacture. Other catalysts include nickel and promoted cobalt systems.
Dimethyl Sebacate Synthesis
The Kolbe electrolysis of monomethyl adipate salts leads to the formation of dimethyl sebacate from which sebacic acid can be easily prepared. Sebacic acid is typically used in the synthesis of nylon 6,10 and alkyd resins that are flexible and act as plasticizers.
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